6 Industrial Vintage Decoration Tips

6 keys to an industrial vintage decoration that you will love

Let’s see the 6 keys of vintage industrial decoration that you should not forget if you like this style of decoration. A style that little by little has been gaining ground, do you come to know them?


The industrial style was born when abandoned industrial spaces such as warehouses or offices began to be converted into homes in the 50s. First, by simple necessity and by its low costs, later becoming a fashion and a new style of its own that we know today as lofts These are diaphanous spaces where divisions are reduced to the maximum and decoration to a minimum giving prominence to the basic materials and structures of the building. The industrial vintage recovers elements of the industrial era to give them a new life. Let’s see what are the keys that characterize this style, do you come to review them?

Industrial vintage decoration

1. Industrial vintage bets on natural walls … even scruffy
2. The structures always in view
3. Windows and iron doors inspired by classic offices
4. Betting on metals in industrial vintage decoration
5. Woods without ornaments
6. Industrial vintage decoration brings back the passion for the past

Industrial vintage bets on natural walls … even scruffy

One of the characteristics of the industrial vintage style are brick walls, cement or concrete, rough and unpolished that give off personality and character. In essence the structures are maintained more or less in their natural state with the walls unfinished or that was the idea … now we have gone on to decorate them that way directly. Absurd? probably … but it certainly has its charm.

Industrial vintage decoration: walls

Industrial Style Walls

Their influence has been such that they have created a school and now we can see this type of walls in all types of homes and especially in restaurants, shops, workshops, … Without a doubt the exposed brick walls have become common but in the vintage style industrial goes beyond and let themselves look worn or worn by the passage of time and wear and tear of use. Risky walls but that have nevertheless managed to carve a niche, more for workshops and businesses to which they give personality and character.

And in this context the walls with uneven finishes that seem to be unfinished or that have been left half-finished also find their space. One of the most used techniques to give this effect is to decorate them with watercolors to give that uneven effect. Or you can find wallpapers to make it much easier to get this old-fashioned wall effect. What do you think, would you put it at home? Probably not, but for a coffee it can be a perfect and striking solution that attracts customers to visit us. The charm of the decadent.

Cement walls are another typical element of industrial vintage, since many factories were made with this material. Now walls are created that imitate their texture or are covered with cement plates directly referring to the factories where they are inspired. The gray color is undoubtedly one of those that dominate this type of spaces although we can soften it with a warmer tone like brown or more luminous like white. Do we bet on cement?

The structures always in sight

The vintage industrial decoration leaves the structures in sight: beams, pipes, cables … everything is exposed to our eyes without a trap or cardboard. If you have metal or wood beams now is the time to show them off in all their splendor. Or leave the pipes in the air and give a simple coat of paint. But to be able to look at its full splendor we need to have high enough ceilings in which the beams take all the leading role.

Industrial Style Interior

The cables are also visible. Recently we talked about the wires in sight , a trend that comes from the North but that goes hand-in-hand with vintage industrial decoration. The cables will also be part of the decoration and will help us give an industrial look to any corner or space. If they are bulbs or flexo type even better.

Windows and iron doors inspired by classic offices

Another characteristic element of the offices are the large iron windows that are now also used to separate spaces such as the bedroom or the sink. Iron is one of the necessary elements in this style and its combination with glass gives us a way to separate environments without creating barriers that we are seeing a lot. And it does not surprise me! Because the result is really beautiful, do not you think?

Industrial Windows & Doors

They are also ideal for bathrooms, used instead of screens as we saw in the article on baths to the last . I certainly love the idea of ​​putting these types of doors in the bathroom, I think it gives a very original industrial touch and full of charm do not you think?

Industrial Decoration Windows & Doors

Bet on metals in industrial vintage decoration

If something can not be missing in an industrial vintage decoration is the use of metals: iron, steel, bronze, copper …. We can use them in all kinds of objects but without a doubt the tables are one of the elements that will give us the flavor of an old workshop or factory. Surely if you look for an old table with that industrial air that makes them unique.

Another metallic touch that can not miss are the shelves, filing cabinets, lockers or metal cabinets … a classic from the industrial era that now come back to prominence. Recover these elements in the decoration and also will be very useful. If you do not find them old, you can find pieces that imitate the originals.

Industrial metal deocration

The chairs, stools and desks also join this passion for metal and is that these are elements designed to last and withstand the passage of time and continued use in offices and workshops. Surely you can find scavenging rakes, thrift stores … Do not let them escape!

Another element that can not be absent are the metal lamps or lamps that have returned with force to become fashionable in recent times. Let them hang from your high ceilings or place them next to a work table or sofa to get that key functionality of industrial vintage.

Wood without ornaments

Wood brings a warm touch to the industrial style so full of gray, metal and walls without artifacts … The range of colors that dominates in this style are white, gray, black, metallic and some blue. In this context, wood will provide warmth. But we also look for wood in its purest form, without ornaments or disguises.

Industrial decoration with wood

Tables, desks, chairs … even the kitchens are dressed in wood in contrast to the hostile and cold environment of the industrial age, bringing a bit of heat to the environment. Difficult to resist that beauty so natural and without artifice!

And if your budget is not enough to buy this type of furniture you can also take advantage of recycling pieces of wood in coffee tables or study tables. The effect will continue to be spectacular. You just have to add other elements such as metal wheels or a flexo to look like authentic vintage pieces.


Industrial vintage decoration brings back the passion for the past

The passion for the industrial past brings back many objects that had already lost use or were stored in any corner. How we counted on the decoration of naturalist style , the past shines again and all the objects that remind us of that industrial age are very topical.

Old pulleys, metal wall clocks, old fan blades, old telephones, old tool boxes .. everything returns to find its place. So go for flea markets and antique shops and check your basements and attics well because you will surely find pieces that deserve a second chance.


And here are our six keys to achieve an irresistible vintage industrial decoration. How will you always find more photos on my Pinterest page to inspire you? It is certainly a style that has gradually been imposed although it can be somewhat cold and perhaps more of the masculine taste. I do not see myself decorating the whole house like that, except if I were the privileged inhabitant of a New York loft or similar. But to decorate a particular area of ​​the house if I like it a lot, especially for study areas or a juvenile room, do not you think?

And you bet for industrial vintage at home or prefer to see it in cafes and shops? Because every time we see more cafes decorated with this style, which I love, but I put a but .. if we are going to recycle chairs, I think it’s great, but please make sure before the chairs are comfortable. How many times do you love a place because of its design and then you run out because the chairs are hellish? It is a reality that you have surely lived. And here the new news, I hope you liked it. Happy week, we read soon.

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