Decorating With Vintage Perfume Bottles

Vintage Perfume Bottles are as attractive as aromas. When we finish the content and we want to preserve these delicate bottles, creativity is our ally.

An authentic beauty: glass jars and perfume bottles of authentic retro or vintage style. Yes,  used in past centuries, and forgotten in recent decades, these containers and bottles come back, hand in hand with the vintage style , which continues to accompany us this year.

Evolution Of  Vintage Perfume Bottles

The perfumes, at the beginning, were in very simple bottles, but over time the perfumers realized how important the beauty of the bottle that contained it also represented, and that is why they called on great glass carving artists to make them.

They presented them with a series of bottles to choose for each type of perfume, taking into account the name they were going to assign, the type of perfume in question, the type of woman or man that was intended and many other personal aspects so much of the perfumer, of the house of perfumes and of the original creator of the bottle.

Many times, these jars were sold as containers to carry the perfume or cologne to choose. These types of jars are still sold, adorned with golden filigree, for example, recalling the style of art decor that had so many fruits in all kinds of artistic expression.

Blue Cut Glass Vintage Perfume Bottles

Losing its original use, because nowadays, most perfumes come already bottled, these jars offer an original decorative alternative, ideal for decorate our bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms, and much more.

With aromatic oils, tinted waters, minerals, bath salts, dried flowers … there are many alternatives with which we can decorate using these bottles.

Use of Vintage Perfume Bottles For Decoration

  • Bases for flowers: in the toilet or guest bathroom. As a centerpiece to decorate a baby shower for a girl, or an Audrey Hepburn-style brunch with your friends.
  • As a showpiece
  • Mini candle holder for a romantic night with the husband. Place them on a mirror to add even more drama.
  • Tint them with vegetable dye and hang them on the balcony or in the garden with aerial plant or with water with sugar to attract the hummingbirds.
  • Create a bedside lamp for a room for a girl.
  • Those you decorated with ribbons and tags of the dates can be placed on a wall cabinet and shows your collection, will serve as a detail for your bathroom.


Used as Glitter & Nail Art Holder

Vintage Perfume Bottles For Glitter

Empty perfume bottles can be used as containers for glitters and nail art.

As A Flower Holder

Vintage Perfume Bottles As Flower Holder

Remove the top spray mechanism and vintage perfume bottles can be used as flower stand.


Use As Oil Bottle Container

Vintage Perfume bottles as Oil Container

Vintage perfume bottles can be used to store various aromatic oils. Present different types of aromatic oils that you will easily prepare and can keep in these beautiful bottles.


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