Make Room Look Big With These Tricks

If you do not have much space, today we are going to tell you some tricks that will help to make room look big and looks great.
Every day the spaces are smaller in the cities. The  floors have small rooms and this becomes a challenge when it
comes to decorating and disposing of everything necessary in them.


Make room look big with this look


There are also many people who choose to live in smaller spaces and adapted to their needs. The prices in the big
cities also make that every day the floors are reduced.

Small Room Interior

Therefore, if your room is small or very small today we are going to tell you some tricks that will help you
make room look big. At least visually, while still having everything necessary in it. Sometimes small details can make a big

Tips To Make Room Look Big


1. Put the sofa near a window

Put Sofa near window to Make room look big

If our sofa is between walls when we sit on it with our guests to enjoy a good chat, the feeling can be somewhat
claustrophobic. Of space too closed and small.

On the other hand, if the main part of the room has a window nearby, the space will give the feeling of being
wider. It will give us the opportunity to look outwards and not feel the walls fall on us.


2. Do not forget the mirrors

Put Mirror in room to Make room look big

If we do not have windows in the living room, we can choose to put a mirror in that way, reflecting the room will
give the sensation of greater depth.

Mirrors are a simple and relatively inexpensive way to visually transform spaces. They act just like the windows
visually making the space more spacious, bright and open.

Normally, the bigger the mirror, the bigger the space we will get with it. But be careful to always keep the


3. Choose low and small size furniture

Small Size furniture to Make room look big

Furniture can also help us expand the space or make it look smaller. If you choose low furniture the feeling will
be that the ceilings are higher, so the effect will be to make room look big. For example, the sofa

It is also better to opt for pieces that are not too big and that are not too heavy. It is better to have pieces that
have legs than those that occupy all the space and that are not too tall either. In this simple way it will give the
feeling that our room is much bigger than it really is. The key is to take care of the details.

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4. Bet on transparent tables

Glass coffee table

One of your best allies when it comes to growing a space are coffee tables made of materials transparent like glass or plastic. That way our view is free and does not get obstructed and overloaded with objects. The space seems bigger than it is, it’s that simple!


5. Or metal legs

Metal leg coffee table

The metal legs also provide greater space amplitude. As in the case of tables or chairs
Transparent, the fact that our gaze gains depth makes the spaces appear larger.


6. Raise the curtains

raise the curtains to Make room look big

A simple and simple trick that can help you give the impression that your ceilings are higher. Instead put the curtains just above the windows, try placing them near the ceiling. That way your space It will look bigger and the ceilings higher. But do not forget to use curtains that do not give heaviness.


7. The importance of order

Make room big with organized interior

The less space we have, the more important the order is. Especially when we talk about open furniture
or shelves in which everything is seen. If there is no order, the sensation will be overcrowded and the space will be reduced. By
Make sure that everything is ordered or look for closed places to store it.


8. Take care of the lighting

keep bright room interior to make room look big

The light helps us to give a feeling of spaciousness so if a space is small … add light without fear. Be natural or artificial light will help you expand. Also put different types of artificial lights, ceiling, floor lamps,  table lamps … Everything will help.

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9. Take advantage of the corners

sofa in corner to make room look big

The corners are a stalemate so we must make sure to take advantage of them, either by placing a sofa corner or with furniture that adapt to its shape. That way we will make the most of the space.


10. Use invisible shelves

Invisible shelves to make room look big

Another simple and easy to use trick that will help you reduce the impact of the shelves. The shelves
invisible are simple and economical and allow you to maximize your storage space. Do not think about it!


And here are our ideas to help you visually expand your room. Why do not you have to have a very large space, it is only necessary to know how to get the most out of it.

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